David Shaff is an electronic music composer, trumpet player and general operating manager of Audium Theater. Born and raised in a San Francisco household full of strange sounds emanating from the basement (father & composer Stan Shaff the culprit), David gained an early appreciation of music and sound of all sorts. David has worked for many years gigging around the Bay Area and composing as professional trumpet player. He has traveled the globe playing his horn as well, with stints working and playing in France and Japan.

He has been involved with Audium his entire life, but in the past six years has taken on a larger role, beginning with a 2-year apprenticeship to learn the art of sound movement on Audium’s custom-built control board (2015). This was followed by the first collaboration between Stan Shaff and David, Audium 10 (2017). This collaboration included programming for the entire building, including new visual art, projections and sounds in the lobby designed by David.

In 2019, David co-composed, organized and premiered the immersive sound composition Audium 11. He also designed and hosted a workshop series on composing spatial sound for Bay Area composers and artists at Audium. He is also working on a new immersive film series, FILMIUM, in collaboration with filmmaker Emma Scully.

David has given talks on spatial sound composition at Pixar Studios, Stanford University, USF, UC Berkeley & Miverva University.

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